Cropwell Bishop


Blue Stilton Classic

This Blue Stilton has a rich tangy flavour, and a velvety-soft texture that makes it melt in the mouth. To allow this Stilton to develop its unique flavour, we normally age it to 12 weeks.


Blue Shropshire

Blue Shropshire cheese has an exquisite, nutty flavour, shot through with spicy notes.

Its delightful taste and creamy texture are matched by its beautiful appearance, as blue veins radiate through its deep-orange body.


Organic Blue Stilton

Organic Blue Stilton is hand crafted in a creamery using fresh local, Organic milk.

This cheese is certified by the Soil Association – a guarantee that it meets their stringent organic standards.


Traditional Rennet Blue Stilton

This Stilton has history – its special hand-ladled recipe was first used at the North Street Dairy in Melton Mowbray during the 1950s.

This Stilton is ripened for 15 weeks to give it a luxuriously complex flavour that lingers in the mouth.


White Stilton

This cheese is delightful on its own, and even more mouthwatering when paired with fruit.