Chutney & Pickles


Beetroot Chutney Small Jar 200g

A bright chutney full of beetroot flavour. Perfect on a Cheese Sandwich.


Apricot Chutney Small Jar 215g

A really old family recipe circa 1900, this chutney is perfect with soft cheeses. It is also a nice accompaniment for curry – give it a try!

Allergy Advice: Contains Mustard.


Plum and ale chutney small jar 200g

Fabulous with cheese or cold meats. Also great with Pulled Pork
Allergy Advice: Contains Malt, Barley.


Piccalilli Small Jar 180g

A delicious accompaniment for Boiled Ham or Corned Beef.
Crunchy with the flavour of Turmeric and zing from Cayenne.
Allergy Advice: Contains Mustard.


Fig & Honey Chutney Small Jar 220g

Rich and Sweet, this gorgeous chutney is great with goats cheese.


Apple & Ginger Chutney Standard Jar 330g

Lovely Sweet Apple with Fiery Ginger. Great with Cheese and Roast Pork


Caramelised Carrot Standard Jar 330g

A real favourite on Wensleydale Sandwiches.


Cheshire Chutney Standard Jar 305g

Fruit, vegetables and spices. Great with a Ploughman’s.


Rhubarb & Date Chutney Standard Jar 340g

Thick and Fruity spiced with Coriander, Cumin and Mustard seed, this is great with samosas and bhajis and will certainly spice up your cheeseboard!
Allergy Advice: Contains Mustard.


Onion Marmalade Standard Jar 370g

Rich and sweet, superb with sausages or steak.


Sweet Chilli Jam Standard Jar 330g

Fabulous with cold meats or pork pies.


Yorkshire Farmers Pickle

Yorkshire Farmers pickle is a traditional sandwich Pickle for cheese and Pickle or salads and pies

Contains Mustard


Hot Lime Pickle

A great favourite with pickle fans all the Asian flavours infused into chopped limes Neils recipe using Yorkshire chillies Contains Mustard


Our Eli’s Ploughlad’s Pickle

Our Elis Grandfather, Great Grandfather, and Great Great Grandfather all ploughed the heavy soils of Holderness so what better way way to celebrate his arrival into the family than a ploughmans pickle or in this case ploughmans pickle great for that traditional favourite the plouuhmans lunch


Yorkshire Wold Top Real Ale Pickle

Bracken Hill World top pickle is a traditional sandwich pickle with diced Carrot Apple Tomato and World Top Brewery’s Against the grain Gluten free real Ale giving a distinct flavour

Contains Barley


Yorkshire Pickle No Added Sugar


Yorkshire Dales Pickle

An old favourite up in the Yorkshire Dales similar to piccalilli but in an apple sauce sweeter and not as spicy


Old English Piccalilli

Piccalilli full of chunks of pickled Cauliflower Cut beans  whole Onions Apple mixed in a traditional mustard sauce ideal with Pies cold Hams a good old fashioned buffet condiment

Contains Mustard